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Tokyo Flat specializes in high quality, reasonably priced, modern apartments located in the most popular areas around Tokyo.

Here's a complete list of currently available apartments.
First, take a look at our list of available apartments, then fill out our online application form to let us know what you're looking for. Be sure to include any special requirements or requests.
You can communicate with us in English, Russian, Japanese, Chinese or Estonian.

Here's all our contact information including email address, telephone, and fax numbers.
Property Owners
If you own an apartment or residential building in the Tokyo area and would like to rent it out, then be sure to inquire about Tokyo Flat's property management services.
About Tokyo Flat
Tokyo Flat is a member of the Tokyo Rent Group. We currently manage over 500 apartments in the Tokyo metropolitan are, and are constantly adding new apartments and locations. Our tenants are primarily from overseas, and rent apartments for anywhere from a few months to several years.

Tokyo Flat apartments are located in the most popular locations around Tokyo and typically range from 70,000 yen to 550,000 yen per month. Our staff has extensive experience in renting to foreigners and includes individuals fluent in English, Japanese,  Korean, and other major languages.

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