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Tokyo Flat specializes in high quality, reasonably priced, modern apartments located in the most popular areas around Tokyo.

Here's a complete list of currently available apartments.
First, take a look at our list of available apartments, then fill out our online application form to let us know what you're looking for. Be sure to include any special requirements or requests.
You can communicate with us in English, Russian, Japanese, Chinese or Estonian.

Here's all our contact information including email address, telephone, and fax numbers.
Property Owners
If you own an apartment or residential building in the Tokyo area and would like to rent it out, then be sure to inquire about Tokyo Flat's property management services.
Frequently Asked Questions

Rental policy

The majority of the apartment buildings listed on our website is not owned or managed by us

You can communicate with us in English and other European languages. Many of our staff are bilingual, and have lived overseas. 

We also have several foreign employees working in our leasing department. 

We would be happy to communicate with you in English, Japanese, Chinese or other European languages. 

In case, the lease agreement is in Japanese, English summary will be provided.

All of our units are private apartments with their own kitchens and bathrooms.

You can rent any of our apartments either furnished or unfurnished. As a rule, the rents shown on our webpages are for unfurnished apartments. 

if you prefer, we can furnish the apartment with a television, washing machine, bed/mattress, curtains, microwave oven/toaster, dining table and chairs 

for a small additional monthly charge (1,000 – 2,000 Yen per item). To return rented furniture before end of the lease term we charge a removal fee of 5,000 Yen.

Most of our apartments have internet connection capability. Some buildings are equipped with fiber optic/broad band capability, 

while other buildings utilize ADSL.

Utilities are not included in long term rent. Utility charges depend on usage, and are the responsibility of the tenant. 

We assist tenants in making the arrangements with the utility providers (gas, water, electricity, internet access.)

We also arrange apartment viewings at your convenience. We are happy to show you the apartment you are interested in, 

assuming that the previous tenant has vacated.

The initial payment consists of  our agency fee equal to one month rent, first month's rent, a security deposit equal to one or two month's rent or even more. 

Key money may be required. 15,000 yen or a little higher premium for a casualty insurance policy (2-year coverage.) have to be paid.

The security deposit is refundable upon the end of the lease term, provided there are no outstanding liabilities. 

In most cases  a guarantor or the third party guaranty service is required. We do ask that applicants supply us with a reference so that we can confirm 

employment or other relevant information. 

If you need to cancel the rental agreement early, we ask that you provide us with written notice at least one month in advance at the most of the cases. 

Security deposits are refundable based on the rental period after deducting any charges for apartment damage repairs.

To sign the contract you should have official picture identification such as a passport with a valid Japanese visa and 

an alien registration card (gaikokujin toroku-sho.)

You can reserve the apartment from overseas before arriving in Japan

We frequently have tenants reserve apartments by wiring a deposit prior to their arrival in Japan. The security deposit can be paid by bank transfer, 

credit card (PayPal) or in cash at our office.

Our house rules:

I - Rent Payment

(1) The rent must always be paid by the end of the previous month to the account provided to the tenant upon signing the lease agreement.

(2) In the event the rent has not been paid by the due date in full and sufficient amount, a penalty is calculated as stipulated in the lease contract and is payable simultaneously with the rent.

(3) The tenant must inform Tokyo Rent K.K. immediately in case of a change of information such as visa status, phone numbers, employer’s phone number and/or address. 

At the tenant's expense

at the landlord's expense

Professional cleaning of the room upon moving out, which must be done even though the apartment may appear clean.

Anything broken due to age. Usually, when something breaks when it is 10 years old or more, it is considered to be due to age, and is the landlord's responsibility.

Anything broken or damaged by the tenant, either on purpose or by accident

Examples: scratches on the floor, wallpaper yellowed by smoke, etc. 

Stains or damage from natural causes. This applies to tatami or fusuma (Japanese paper doors) yellowed by sunlight.

Damage to the building which occurs outside the tenant's apartment.

Excessive wear and tear

Natural wear and tear


Reference fee: We are always happy to express our gratitude to our tenants when you endorse our professionalism by introducing us to your friends in 
their apartment search. We are adding to our range of availabilities continuously for short and long term rent throughout Tokyo. The information about 
our current availabilities is continuously updated on the web sites that we operate, which are as follows. When your friend signs a new lease agreement 
with us, we are very pleased to reward you in the amount of the half a month’s rent (capped at 50,000 yen). Often, our clients receive this type of 
referral remuneration several times. 

Office location: Our primary office is located in central Tokyo, very close to both the Yurakacho line (Kojimachi station) and the Hanzomon line 
(Hanzomon station). If you would like to visit our office in person, please let us know in advance, and one of our staff will meet you at the local subway station 
to guide you to our office.

Tokyo Rent K.K.

Central Bldg, 4F, 2-14-4,Yanagibashi, Taito ku, Yokyo

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